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  • Not Receiving Emails?

    First, check your email client's Spam/Junk folders, if you do not find any emails from SCREIA, then use the form below to see if you receive the email.

Questions and Answers:

  • How to Access My Dashboard?
    Create a Free Account:

    The first step is to Create a Free Account to access the website. Note this is not a membership, however, you do need an account to login, pre-register for events and access basic information and content.

    Having an account will get you access to some basic information and features, as well as add yourself to our mailing list to receive event notifications and property leads.

  • How to Reset your Password?
    Reset Password:

    Forgot your password? Reset Password Here

    The system will send you an email with a link to create a new password.

  • How Do I Cancel My Membership
    Cancel Membership Instructions:

    Go to My Account >> My Dashboard (Open in New Tab)

    Scroll down the page to the Account Details Section.

    Verify if your account has an expiration date or not.

    • If your account has an expiration date, then you will see it listed here. (Image 1)
    • If no Experiation Date, then you should see a Recurring Transaction. (Image 2)
      • You can update your Credit Card from here.
      • Scroll to the bottom to find the Cancel Recurring Membership Button.
    Image 1:
    Image 2:
  • How to Set Up an Affiliate Membership
    Affiliate Membership Instructions & Tutorial:

    The video below shows you how to associate your account here with your Active Member Status from another REIA:

  • How to Register for an Event.
    Register for an Event:

    First step is to log into your account. Once yu are logged in, navigate to the event you want to register for.

    Scroll down the page to the Registration section of the page:

    • Different events have different settings. Once you are logged in, the system will instruct you to either Pre-Register or Pay for the Event.
    • The event location may be hidden until you are Pre-Registered.
    • You will receive a Pre-Registration confirmation email.
    • If you had to pay for an event, then you will also receive an transaction receipt in your email.
  • Are you Pre-Registered for an Event?
    Verify that you are Pre-Registered:

    First step is to log into your account. Once yu are logged in, navigate to the event you want to check if you are Pre-Register for.

    Scroll down the page to the Registration section of the page:

    • If you are Pre-Registered, the system will disable the Pre-Register button and display your Pre-Registration information
    • The event location will be shown when you are logged in.
    • Check your email for a Pre-Registration confirmation email.

    If you are certain that you are not receiving the event reminder email notifications, then try and send a test message using the Email Tester.

  • How do I add a guest(s) for an event?
    Tutorial Video:

    This video below shows you how to add guests for any event:

  • How to Add, Edit or Remove a Property Listing?
    How To Add a Property Listing

    First, you need to have activated your Personal Website, see question: "How Can I Change The Personal Information That’s On My Website?" on Category: Dashboard.

    After you have activated your Personal Website, you can Post Properties by going to the Property List page and clicking on "Post a New Property", OR you can go to My Account My Website My Properties, and then click "Add New Property".

    You can use the My Property List page to both Add, Edit, and Remove Property Listings.

    Editing a Property Listing

    To edit any of your Property Listings:

    1. Go to the website menu item My Account My Website My Properties.
    2. Select the property listing.
    3. At the top of the listing, there be a notification box that will have a link that says, "Edit Your Listing".

    Otherwise, you can go to the Property Listings page and find your property listing and find the same "Edit Your Listing" link in the listing.

    Deleting or Removing a Property Listing

    When you post a Property Listing, your REIA's Property Listings page will automatically let the property be active on the public Property Listings page for approximately 90 days, afterwards your listing will be taken off automatically.

    At any point, you can choose to either delete the listing permanently, or just let the website system deactivate the property listing automatically.

    If you want to manually deactivate or extend the Property Listing, follow the instructions below:

    1. Go to the Property Listing.
    2. Click on "Edit Your Listing".
    3. Go to the "Administrative" Tab.
      1. In the "Administrative" Tab, you can also find the "Delete this Property" button at the bottom.
    4. Uncheck/Check the "Active (Published)" checkbox and Save the listing.

    You can also choose to extend your listing by another 30 days as many times as you like as your property starts to expire after you initially created the listing.

  • When I edit my Listing, does a notification go out to the other members?
    Property Listing Notifications

    Anytime a property listing is posted, the website system will send out an email to everyone in the system, showing them the new properties posted from the previous day.

  • How do I forward my Domain name?
    1. Purchase your Domain Name through GoDaddy or a similar provider.
    2. Go to Manage DNS and find the section on Forwarding.
    3. Copy the URL for your website,”Your user ID”, and paste it into the forwarding field. Select "301 Permanent and Forward Only" and then Save.

    There is also a video explaining how to set up domain name forwarding through GoDaddy on the "How To Videos" page, on this video page specifically: "How to Get a Domain Name and Forward it to your New Website".

  • How to Activate Your Website?
    1. Go to My Dashboard.
    2. Scroll down and click on Manage My Website.
    3. Scroll to the bottom and Click on the button labelled, "Activate Free Website", to activate your Free Website instantaneously.
  • How do I customize my premium website?

    If you sign up for Real Estate Promo's Premium Membership, you also are given a Premium Website that comes with full control to customize it to however you like.

  • Can I add a Survey to my website?

    Not available at the moment...

  • Can I add a Blog to my website?

    Not available at the moment...

  • How do I connect my Social Media to my website?

    You are able to add Social Media tracking to your website by customizing your Premium Website. For example, you can add Facebook's Pixel Ad Tracker with the following instructions:

    1. Sign into your Account
    2. Find the "My Dashboard"
    3. Go to "Manage My Website", and click on "Go to Website Editor for this Website"
    4. In the Premium Website Editor, scroll down to the HTML Head Section (Optional)
    5. Inside the HTML Head Section (Optional) you can add the Facebook Pixel code that Facebook generates will instruct you to copy and paste it.

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